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  Its not always about money. Its not always about me.
Sometimes its a child's way
Of seeing the sea.

You may not be aware,
I live in Delaware;
Where Rehoboth Beach's air
Offers a special flair

Who knows what a ten yr old thinks,
Halfway through to adulthood.
Even as the eye blinks,
You pray he grows as he should.

A teacher asks for a summer's account,
Misspellings and punctuation aside.
Come! Enjoy a ride at my grandson's side.
Enjoy the perceptions of his mental fount.


                                                                                        by 10yr old Griffin Price

Delaware springs up as an exciting, exotic world of crops, grass, animals, and amazing sites of history! Trees graze in the lush green of spring, birds sing tunes full of tiresome sadness or of an existing choir of humming and chirps! As the grass waves it carries peace and an air of loving and kindness with it. The world invites you to lay in its deliciously green and brown paradise. Each step of your foot pulls you away, but with each waver (wave) of grass the nature pulls you back in. The sounds of engines hum lightly in the air. The earth has its ways of love and Delaware sets an example with its grassy plains and wild life.

Every year I go at least once if not twice to visit my family. And every time we go to the Rehoboth beach. I have only swum in that water once but even so the water is alive. Everlasting waves crash upon your shore and hands of triumph wave as the water roles (rolls) back into the sea. Then we go to the arcade and find some rides to ride and get on some new scary ones and watch our hair fly in the air as it is turned upside down and you swim in the sea of air and the living. You let the machine lift you into the air, just sitting, but closer to your heaven that you have in mind but some people may already be at there (their) heaven because heaven is different for different people. As the machine swirls you around and around the air grabs you and pulls you along and its COOL aura comes with it. You come (become) a part of the wind and breathe deeper and easier than you ever have before. Then wind and machine hand and hand bring you back to the binding earth . The wind says good buy (bye) and you breathe a good buy back as the wind goes back up warred (upward) and upwarred but its heart you can still see. Its heart was a very bright blue keeping the night a little lighter so that I can get back home safe and sound. While every body was talking I was thinking about Delaware and Rehoboth beach and the water and the air. It was just one of those times were (where) your mind has to take over your body. I just sat and thought until I got home and fell asleep with exhaustion.

With many east coast animals and some other points of excellence Delaware comes in as the second smallest state in America but the biggest heart in all the mid Atlantic.

Copyright 2008 by Griffin Price, age 10

Now how could I fail to share that description with you!? Come and see and smell and feel this Delaware air for yourself; especially at Rehoboth Beach. 

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